Madama Butterfly

Acter 1 rencontre ac Ténor .jpg
Acte1 en pied ombrelle
acte1 ac les filles
Acte 1 ac ombrelle au sol.jpg
Photo duo Butterfly
Suicide Butterfly.jpg
duo fleurs Orvieto
Acte 1 descente escalier
Portrait ombrelle 2 -1
Portrait ombrelle

La Bohème

Mimi and Rodolfo 4th act Nederlands
OZ-LaBoheme-bohemians couple
OZ-LaBoheme-gen- 2nd Act
Mimi circled by everyone
First duet Act 1
Act 3
Second Aria 3rd Act
Mimi's Death 4th Act

La Traviata

Traviata Acte 1 Juan Villapena
Violetta and Alfredo first act
Traviata second Act
Germont and Violetta
Amami Alfredo
"O come son mutata" Act 3
Addio del passato
Violetta's death
Violetta's seduction style
Viletta and Annina before the show

Die Zauberflöte 

Pamina and her mother
Pamina and Tamino meeting
Papageno meets Pamina
Papageno and Pamina's hope
Pamina and Papageno Impotence